Depth vacuum forming machine

Depth vacuum forming machine technical details

Combining 3D and plastic forming technologies helps customers prototype and manufacture real production parts with increased complexity and flexibility.Sinoxin High Speed Acrylic Sign Vacuum Forming Machine For 3D Letter is a newly lauched equipment in Vacuum-Thermoform industry, with the functions of both melting and moulding the materials once during the entire process of signs for advertising.It’s widely used to make acrylic letters,acrylic light box,and other plastic products etc.


  • For flashing signs with relievo surface.
  • This machine is fully automatic. Simply place your mold inside the cabinet, close the lid and press the button.
  • Process various of design,such as falling flat, raised flat, multiple layers,multi-leveled substructure, ball-like, curved, and relievo freely by just a single manual carved or machine engraved mold.
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple operation with reasonable design: Easy and convenient operation, few waste or faults of materials
  • Manpower saving: One person can process the operation from the begin to finish
  • Good market and good benefit: The cost of signs with curved relievo surface produced by the machine, is obviously lower than signs produced by other analogous vacuum forming machine, but in higher selling price
  • With fine sense of 3-dimensional characteristics for the curved surface: Flashing signs formed by the machine not only have strong stereoscopic sense under day light, but also have well raising lighting uniformity in the night.
Depth acrylic Vaccum forming machine