S2 Three-in-one CNC bending machine

S2 There-in-one bending machine technical details

Adaptation scope

Aluminum light words, stainless steel words, words without side punching


  • Automatic feed , automatic notch, automatic bend
  • No need to fit the trimcap separately, simplified the fabricate process
  • High speed, stepper motors controlling system, it only takes 48 seconds to finish a 30cm height letter like “s”
  • Available material width ranges from 20mm to 128mm.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection. Total power 1500w, actual service power less than 1500w.
  • Can read muti-vector files, the formats like dxf, ai, matching with the engraving software perfectly
  • Size: 1850*880*1300 Processing materials: stainless steel/iron/aluminum alloy Processing width: 20mm-128mm Stainless steel 304#: 0.3mm-0.8mm Iron ,aluminum :0.3mm -1.2mm
  • Special specification of this equipment is available
    • S2 could slotting aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized iron, achieved multi-use with one machine.
    • The change of aluminum and stainless steel slotting cutter just need tight or lose a screw, it’s efficient and
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