Cnc Cutting Machine

cutting and engraving cnc machine application for wood,advertising,crafts,moulding,label,pvc processing


  • High-speed, the idle speed can reach 35m/min, and engraving speed reach 12m/min. Applicable to process wooden products ,sign plate, acrylic and metal material.
  • Adopt imported high precision square guide rail, the machine have a big weight loading ability and long life span; Y-axis adopts double engine driving, high speed, low noise and running smoothly.
  • The machine can compatible with all kinds of software like: JINGDIAO, Type3, Artcam, Castmate, WENTAI,etc, CAD and CAM designing software.
  • Convenient controlling. The controlling software is easy to learn and operate, the curve and straight running are in same speed. The engraving side is smooth and needn’t further processing.
  • The main axis diameters are 3.17mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, could change according to demands.
Cnc cutting and engraving machine