Fiber laser cutting machines

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines


  • Professional laser optical system and imported lens, stable and reliable
  • Efficient and stable programming and control system, simple and easy to learn and humanization, compatible with a variety of CAD drawing formats, intelligent arrangement cost saving, automatic cutting path matching saves processing time.
  • Less energy consumption and low cost; high stability, simple and convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
  • No mold, flexible processing, can meet the processing requirements of various
  • High cutting efficiency, high cutting quality, no noise, and the Cutting speed is up to 30m/min when cutting sheet; Seam deformation is small, the appearance is smooth,beautiful.
  • Imported high precision servo motor, guide rail, ensure the machining efficiency and machining accuracy, the stability and reliability of the equipment is greatly improved.

Main features

  • Special wavelength (1070nm), unique ability to cut high reflective materials such as aluminum, copper and brass.
  • Laser electro-optic conversion rate > 25%, far greater than CO2 (< 10%), reduces greatly the power loss.
  • Laser transmission through optical fiber, almost no transmission loss.
  • Modular design, “plug and play”, Compact, easy to install, no need for laser and beam transmission system maintenance.
  • Pump source life > 100 thousand hours.
  • Accurate beam quality, with a very small divergence angle
  • Incomparable product life. The single core junction diode pumped laser is used as the pumping source of the optical fiber laser. Fiber laser has long service life, and its minimum service life has been more than one hundred thousand hours.
  • Thermal performance, high electro-optic efficiency, water saving and electricity, lot of maintenance funds and time, improve work efficiency.
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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Comparison Table

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