Laser-Beam welding machine

Laser beam welding machine technical data sheet


Laser welding machine is an innovative, modern, fast and highly precise laser welder specialized in welding channel letters using a laser beam. It allows you to weld thicker steel tapes and all types of aluminum. It welds quick and easy galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum sheets. Joints made using this device are durable and precise. Our unit is distinguished by a very wide range of working area adjustment in the 3 axes X, Y, Z. It is the only device that has a precisely adjustable table. This allows very easy and fast welding of letters and smooth adjustment during operation, making working with it quick and easy. The high energy laser beam makes fast work and the possibility of spot welding of materials can increase efficiency about 8-10 times compared to standard welding processes. Very low operating costs require only distilled water to provide cooling (closed circuit) and electricity. And most importantly, sometimes hard to find parts could be welded only by laser beam.

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