Air Punching Machine

Professional Pneumatic Puncher for Metal letter hole punching

The old type cylinder type puncher in market have problems of high failure rates and high maintaince cost.
We developed this new type Pneumatic Puncher which can be applied in channel letter making,metal processing,car repair etc. Especially for Screw rivet holes in metal channel letters making.The holes punched by Pneumatic puncher have perfect appearance and fast punch speed which highly increased the working efficiency.

Punching hole diameter: 3.2mm/4mm/5mm
Main Technical Data
Working pressure : 90-100 Psi
Maximum Hole Margin : 25 mm
Punching Plate thickness
Stainless Steel : 0.8 mm
Galvanized Sheet : 1 mm
Aluminium Sheet : 1.5 mm

air punch tool